Have you had Semi Permanent Lashes?


As most of you know my most favourite treatment to do in salon is Semi Permanent Lashes. It’s mega popular and very addictive once tried.
For those of you that don’t know about these lash extensions, they are very fine lashes which come in all different lenghts, thickness and shapes. They are applied on your natural lashes 1 by 1 giving a mascara look and the perfect lashes you have always wanted.
Some ladies ask me for a real natural look and others ask for a glam, big look. All looks can be achieved.

These lashes are dead easy to look after. See below some tips:

* Don’t get wet for 2 days after application
* Always stay away from oily products around the eye
* No rubbing or tugging lashes
* No mascara

You need top ups every 2-3 weeks where we infill the gaps where you have lost lashes along with your lash cycle.

Did you know your natural lashes shred every 90 days?

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