Patch testing

Ladies please remember if you have an eye treatment done you need to be patch tested at least 24 hours before.

This includes:

Classic Semi permanent lashes
Volume lashes
Eyelash tinting
Brow tinting

Even if you have had the above treatments elsewhere, if you go to a new salon the patch tests need to be redone. I know it’s a right pain, but we are seeing more and more people being effected by salons that are not doing this and just don’t care about your health.

Remember it’s your face!!

See below two people that have had reactions – one was a patch test, so imagine if she didn’t have a patch test how bad this would be.

The other lady had her brows tinted in a local nail bar. No patch test or consultation form fill out.

Be careful lady’s. Think of yourself 🙂




Russian lash technique

As I’m writing this blog, I’m on the plane on my way home from New York. What an amazing experience I have had.
Seeing one of the best city’s in the world and of course training with Nadia Afanaseva.

Training was very intense and a long day, but WOW my lash technique is now amazing! (If I can say so myself haha) Nadia is one talented lady and I’m honoured I have been trained by her, the best in the industry. And I now can do this Russian lash technique in the UK bringing back all Nadia’s secrets and tips of volume lash extensions for me to use on you ladies!

A full set of volume lashes are £85.00. Top ups are needed every 3-4 weeks.
3 weeks are £42.00
4 weeks are £47.00

My waiting list for these gorgeous lashes are growing so get in quick so you haven’t got as long to wait.

Below are a set of volume lashes I have done. What you think?

KG Salon
01582 883611



Beauty training courses

Want to try something new? Change career? Maybe you want to add to the treatments you already do?

At KG Salon we offer short courses accredited by BABTAC. Courses are one on one or in small groups, held in Bedfordshire.

We believe this is a great way to learn – Owner of KG Salon, Katie Godfrey learnt all her treatments she carries out in salon this way instead of finishing college. And now wants to give this opportunity to others.

“I got to study the treatments I wanted to learn, rather than a bit of everything. I needed to get out in the industry ASAP, so two years in collage wasn’t an option. I felt I learnt the best way as its one on one time with your tutor and ongoing support” 

Volume Lashes

Two weeks today I will be training with Nadia Afanaseva, a Russian & International Gold Medalist Winner in eyelash extensions. I am flying over to New York to update my skills and bring back to the salon “Volume Lashes” Also known as 2D-6D lashes and Hollywood lashes. Very excited and what an experience!


I can hear you all saying, “what is the difference from the classic semi-permanent lashes to volume lashes?”


Classic semi permanent lashes are 1 on 1. One false lash is attached to your natural lash.  (0.15-0.25 thickness)

Volume lashes are 2-6 very fine, tiny lashes (0.7 thickness) on 1 natural lash.


On a classic set around 70-100 lashes are applied on each eye, depending how many natural lashes you have. These are gorgeous, but for some people, very limited if you have fewer natural lashes or if you love a mega thick look. With Volume Lashes 240-450 are applied on each eye to get thickness and volume.


I am classed as a fast lasher. It only takes me 45 minutes to do a full set of classic lashes. The 2D-6D lashes take longer due to so many more lashes being applied – So treatment time is around 2 hours.


Top ups are required every 3 weeks, rather than classic sets are every 2 weeks to keep them full.



We are charging £75.00 for our first 8 clients when I’m back from New York. Then the price will be going up. (Price to be confirmed)


So if you want, fluffy, dramatic, thick lashes then Volume lashes are for you!



To all you lash technicians out there; if you want to learn this technique, please get in touch, as classes will start from February.


See below some of Nadia’s work. 


Where do you get your nails done?

All women love their nails done, don’t we? But do you know the dangers around different nail bars about products they are using?

With hundreds of nail bars around, how do you know which one to go to?


The main concern in nail bar’s is a product called Methyl methacrylate (MMA) This product is often used because it is cheap, but it has a strong odor that can trigger serious skin reactions or perm ant nail damage.


This product has been banned in the US and MP’s and industry insiders are trying to get it banned here in the UK.



Also a lot of nail bars using this product have staff that are not properly qualified.






How to know if someone is using MMA


* Low pricing for an acrylic service that is not on a special offer (MMA liquid costs £15 a gallon. Industry approved acrylic liquid cost £200 a gallon)


* Secrecy about the acrylic brands used


* Drill use should never ne damaging or painful. Drills are always used with MMA.


* Always ask questions when trying out a new salon and if you do not feel comfortable simply leave


* Nail technicians often wear masks (FDA has deemed this substance poisonous)

* Distinctly different odor from regular nail acrylic.


* Artificial surface will not release under extreme pressure. MMA nails rarely lift or brake and will take the nail plate off the nail bed if enough pressure is applied to break it.



Salons using MMA will probably not inform you of the potential dangers. We the professional salon in your area want you, the consumer to understand the importance of this issue.


Many thanks,


Katie Godfrey

KG Salon

January Sales

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. It’s a shame it fly’s by so fast!! 


Now back to reality again.


As we do every year, below you will see our January Offers. These are valid for the whole of January but they aren’t valid in conjunction with vouchers or loyalty cards. Call 01582 883611 to book in! 

 * Full set of Semi Permanent Lashes £50.00 – Receive FREE KG Brows (Patch test needed) OR brow wax.



* 1 hour sunbed course ONLY £30.00 – Normally £45.00


* Dermalogica facial ONLY £25.00 – Normally £39.00



* Buy 1 spray tan for £25.00 and get the 2nd half price!! (Both need to be booked in) 



We also have a huge sale on our fashion line – Available online at and in salon – so come on down! 


As most of you know we have had a very small increase on a few of our services. Pop in for an updated price list. Prices are also on 
In five years we haven’t increased our prices and we have witnessed significant increases in products and operational costs and KG Salon has absorbed many of the associated costs in retrospect. 

We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your understanding, loyalty and continued support for KG Salon and its staff.  Please remember to grab a loyalty card too.


See you all soon

KG Salon