New sunbed prices

As most of you no – We had an amazing deal on the sunbeds a while ago. It went down so well, and was so busy we have decided to keep these prices FOREVER!!! 

So, our new sunbed prices are:


Per Minute    £1.00

30 minutes   £16.00

60 minutes   £29.00

120 minutes  £51.00


Prepare your skin for the summer! Our sunbeds are totally safe, as they don’t give off UVC (Cancer ray) and are 0.3 compliant.

No appointment needed. Come on down! 



Eyelash student

Very proud of my student.
This is her first ever set of volume lashes which she done is training.

Amazing aren’t they!
Book on our volume eyelash course. Email for more details.

Many thanks,

Katie Godfrey