New look completeĀ 

Right – us girls, I know we can be impatient sometimes. I know I really am, possibly the worst! But when it comes down to our hair, sometimes we can’t get that desired colour straight away in one hit! 
In the salon we are always getting clients wanting to go lighter or crazy colours. We can do this for sure – but it is a working progress. I added an image of myself about 4 weeks ago of my new colour – it looked amazing, but not 100% how I wanted it. We new it would take around 2-3 sit-ins to safely, without any damage get the colour I wanted. 
Well this is my 2nd sit-in. And to me it’s perfect. Dark root stretch and balayage with lighter ends than before. Stacey Marshall on the other hand wants to do one more sit-in to be 100% perfect but she has done an amazing job on what I wanted. #perfectionist
So…… with patience, my girls, Redken and Olaplex you will have the most amazing hair šŸ’—
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Product of the weekĀ 

Redken Diamond Oil Grow Dry: 

This is one of my most favourite products ever. You know that product you just can’t live without, use everyday, when wet, when dry, with extensions, without extensions… . Well this is that product. 
Diamond oil is a treatment and oil in one. 

Treatment for dull, dry and damaged hair while it smoothes, softens and conditions the hair. 
You can apply this product while hair is wet. 

* Heat protection 

* Reduces blow-dry time

* Provides Diamond-like hair shine 

* Strengthens hair 
Or my favourite way, I use when dry to add softness and shine! I personally use this product daily – and when I had my extensions in it was a must have as kept them conditioned and soft. 
Lots of love 

Katie x 
Available in salon: Ā£32.50