What are your goals for 2018?

As the new year is just around the corner, have you set your business goals for 2018?
This is the best time to reflex and evaluate how the last 12 months have gone and improve for the coming year.
My favourite saying is have goals, dreams and a vision that’s so big that people call you crazy! Nothing is to big, nothing is impossible and nothing you cannot do. It’s all about your mindset and goal setting.
Even if there is things that didn’t work out right this year, turn them around to a positive. What did you learn from? See the funny side of the negative.
What are your goals for 2018?
They might be something like…
❣️ Taking on your first employee
❣️ Starting your first business
❣️ Increase client loyalty and retention
❣️ Training and development
❣️ Investing in a business mentor
❣️Growing your social media
Nothing is to big or to small. So what are your 2018 goals?








So I saw this notepad while shopping and had to get it for our show coming up as I thought it was very apt as being part of an exhibition and having our very own stand is a dream come true for my company!•

But the word “dream” I don’t normally use. Most People that use the word dream are normally “dreamers” dream of things but don’t do nothing about making it happen. Others like myself, if they have a “dream” they will do everything in there power to make that dream come true.

Have you got dreams and aspirations? Why don’t you get a notebook, write them down, think about them and make them happen 💗 Anything can come true if you put your heart, passion and positivity into it. No matter how big your “dreams” are.

Whats coming this month?

Wow the 1st of October! We have such an exciting month coming up – So many changes which I hope you guys are going to love!!!

* Salon revamp/makeover.
* Online booking from the 19th.
* New loyalty/points cards to gain FREE treatments.
* New gift cards for the perfect gift.
* No more form filling – it’s all done on our iPads. 

Can’t wait for you all to see our new look coming over this next month.

See you all soon

Katie Godfrey




Why should you use sunbed creams?

The importance of using tanning creams


The key to having a tan that lasts as long as possible is having well moisturised skin and using tan extenders also known as tanning creams and accelerator’s.


Your skin is constantly regenerating and as the dead skin cells slough off on a daily basis, keeping your skin well moisturised ensures a longer lasting, deeper tan.


Some tanning creams contain cosmetic bronzers and small amounts of fake tan to enhance the colour you have achieved. Some even help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By supplying your skin with much needed vitamins, minerals, amino acids and moisture, these lotions can help you tan up to 67% better than using no lotion at all.


A tan extender not only keeps a tan for longer, but helps to develop a tan. Not just through bronzers or fake tan in the lotion, but dry skin actually reflects light, resulting in a tan that is shallow and fades quickly as the skin cells slough off. Moisturised skin absorbs light and the tan develops more quickly and lasts longer.


EXAMPLE: Without a lotion applied, you pay for 10 minutes, but only receive the equivalent of 6 minutes, you could be LOOSING up to 40% of what you paid for.  ‘NO BRAINER’


Ask in-store for more details and let us help you find the right cream for you.Image