Full day! 

Jess had a full class today in our Semi Permanent Eyelash course.I love seeing people join this business, sharing our same passion and watching them grow as they expand.

Well done Jess and girls. We look forward to seeing your work ❤️

If your interested in joining the beauty industry or adding a treatment onto your menu, get in touch.



Inner lash extensions 

Getting those inner lashes perfect!.•

It is my pet hate seeing long inner lash extensions. They should be short all the time and gradually work up to the length that you want.

Why is this?

🔘 It will be uncomfortable for the client when they start to grow out.

🔘 If shorter, the shape your working on for your client will be more emphasised.

🔘 Inner lashes are shorter naturally.

🔘 Inner lashes cannot hold the weight of longer lashes, so keep natural lash safely in mind.

These lashes I started off with 0.05 B curl in 6mm, 7mm, then blended into 0.05 C curl, 0.08, 0.09.

So keep your inners short ladies 💗


Amazing offer on Volume Lashes

Charlotte at KG Salon is now fully qualified in Volume lashes.

She has been in intense training with Katie Godfrey over the last few months.

Charlotte is a total perfectionist, so you won’t be disappointed.

Book in and be one of Charlottes first 5 clients and get Volume lashes for ONLY £65.00 instead of £85.00!!

Call NOW on 01582 883611 to book in. They will take around 1.5-2 hours. Infils due every 3 weeks at £42.00


4A Bedford Road
Barton Le Clay
MK45 4JU

Volume lashes by charlotte

Volume lashes – Training days



Are you already offering Semi – Permanent lashes to your clients? Have you been trained for more than 6 months?

Now its time to add Volume Lashes, also known at 3D-6D lashes to your price list. This is the newest treatment out and clients are loving it! 

2-6 0.7 thickness lashes on 1 natural lash. This gives your client full, fluffy, lightweight lashes that they will adore! 



Course is one full day and is fully accredited by BABTAC. 

Model and products are supplied. And you also get FREE ongoing help and support.

Next training dates available are:

28th April, 19th May, 2nd June, 16th June. 

Contact us on 01582 883611 or 07730551208 for details. 


Best wishes,

Katie Godfrey

KG Salon